Passionate 2D and 3D artist, currently living in Basel. If you bump into me, I‘m probably armed with my sketchbook, filling them with the marvels I observe.
I love sketching and painting outside, going to the museum, old kung fu films, collecting old art books, watching documentaries, painting miniatures and board games.

I graduated from Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts with a Bachelor in animation in 2017.

My passion for drawing dates back to high school where I scribbled on every exercise sheet I could find.

In the pursuit of a creative fulfilling profession, I stumbled into the vast ocean of animation. The team effort, the synergy between different artists with different skills, working close together to create something bigger and having a laugh together on the way, are what I love about the craft.
After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, TVPaint, Autodesk Maya, ZBrush, Blender, Substance Painter, Cinema 4d, Nuke and Protools
German, English, Chinese, French

Freelance 2018 - present
Black and white (shortfilm): Clean up artist
Lachfalten (shortfilm): Animator | Clean up artist

10/ 2017- 03/ 2018  
Vaudeville Studios GmbH (Internship): Animator | Illustrator

09/ 2016- 07/ 2017 
Pack It Up ( bachelor film): Director | Art Design | Storyboard | Animation | Modeling | Compositing
09/ 2014 - 07/ 2017
Bachelor of Arts in Film (Animation 3D)
University Lucerne of Applied Sciences and Arts
- development of storyboard, animatics and sounddesign for short films
- animation, rigging, modeling of characters and assets

08/ 2016 - 08/ 2016
Lucerne Master Academy of Animation (LuMAA)
Five weeks of training in 3D animation
- emphasis on character walk, close up acting shot / lip sync and creature animation

08/ 2013 – 07 /2014
Foundation Program: Basics in Design
Schule für Gestaltung Basel
- focus on drawing, colour, concept and typography

«PLOP» | short film | 1' 01" | 2D animation
«Pack It Up» | BA film | 4' 05" | 3D animation
«745» | short film | 0' 44'' | 3D animation
«Penguin Parade» | Cartoon Network Ident | 0' 19'' | 3D animation
«Factory» | short film | 0' 48'' | 2D animation
«Bookeater» | short film | 2' 06'' | 3D animation
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